Our Next-door neighbor Rocks

Our home store on Front Street in downtown Meridian is located in the state of Mississippi. The state of Mississippi is world famous for its title as The Birthplace of American Music. Downtown Meridian is no exception to the title. Meridian is where Jimmie Rodgers is from, Wilco guitarist Patrick Sansone, and rap artist Big K.R.I.T. too..just to name a few. Since Meridian, Mississippi has so much music history and present day music vibes, our new next-door neighbor Dan Confait chose to locate his new guitar studio in downtown Meridian. DC Guitar Studio was established by Dan Confait to provide students an educational foundation on playing and performing music through the enjoyment of the guitar. Dan's studio next-door to LOEB'S is a full line guitar shop that offer guitars, and musical instruments, and music accessories which includes guitars, banjos, mandolins, keyboards, guitar amplifiers, strings, tuners, straps, capos, music books and more.

DC Guitar Studio is home to over 150 students with instructors teaching guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocal lessons. Throughout the summer, they host numerous camps for students including “Rock Band Camp” where students learn to perform with each other on various instruments. Along with the music lessons, business owner, Dan Confait urges students to step to the next level and perform the skills they have been taught. DC Guitar Studio hosts regular student concerts throughout the year and even has students and student bands perform at various local events. As the business continues to grow, Dan plans to help cultivate and support local music and arts in Mississippi and beyond. Here at LOEB'S we love music, and we love Mississippi. That's why we can't get over our excitement about DC Guitar Studio being our next-door neighbor. Plus, our team at LOEB'S holds a few musicians. So we'll go ahead and toot our own horns real quick. We have a drummer, a saxophone player, a 5-string banjo player, guitar players, and a pianist working at LOEB'S. Therefore, we welcome Dan and his team next-door with our whole hearts and with an abundance of excitement! We encourage you to visit us in downtown Meridian and check out Dan's new studio. Keep on rock'n and roll'n!


The Perfect Custom Dress Shirt Is Here: We have partnered with STANTT

The most comfortable dress shirt that you will ever wear is finally here. That’s the claim to fame that STANTT has made and its true. The extremely comfortable custom shirts that STANTT makes in their factory just for your body type can back up the claim very easily. The shirts are so comfortable, they will remain a mainstay in your closet for years to come. The sheer comfort that the STANTT shirts deliver is entirely unparalleled. That’s why we say, if you have been looking and waiting for the perfect dress shirt that has both the style and the comfort you desire, then the time is now to celebrate. That’s because that’s exactly what STNATT has delivered with the custom dress shirts that are made precisely for your body.

The fact that these dress shirts by STANTT deliver the comfort and the performance that you will not find with any other dress shirt is why it really is easy to get excited about this. These shirts combine elegance and the sophisticated look that every guy wants in a dress shirt. STANTT has revolutionized the way shirts are made by conducting an analysis of body types. Millions of data points from body scans of actual people were combined with 3D modeling and thousands of live fittings. The final result the research is 99 sizes of shirts with one size out of ninety nine that will fit you perfectly. After you are sized, you then select your fabric, collar, buttons, etc. After the fitting session is over, your custom shirt is ordered from the STANTT shirt factory. Each shirt is made one at a time by hand in the factory to guarantee the impeccable quality and the crisp refined look. Your premium dress shirt will arrive in usually two days. That’s faster than the rest of the custom shirt industry by a long shot. We love these shirts, and we’d love to show you in person how the STANTT shirt system works at LOEB’S. Come experience what men are talking about, and why we partnered with STANTT to bring you this amazing custom shirt technology. The perfect fit is here.


Backpacks, or Book-bags, Bags for School

You deserve a high-quality, high-performance backpack, or as many people call them for school use, book-bags. We understand that you need a bag that's dependable and durable, therefore we have selected our collection from The North Face and Patagonia brands. With trusted styles, and innovative features, roomy storage compartments for stashing your school, hike, or local commute essentials, our backpacks have the capacity and the features that match your lifestyle.

You find yourself packing your backpack full of books to make to walk in to school. Therefore you need a bag with the capacity to hold all of your things. Commuting to school and work, traveling to new places, and embarking on outdoor excursions has never been more convenient with these large capacity backpacks. Our collection features the ultimate in day trip and travel backpacks. The brands Patagonia and The North Face were picked for a few reasons: durability, storage capacity, and some of the most popular styles on the planet. 


Duck Head: The Return of Steadfast Quality Pants

The return of the Duck Head Brand has arrived. The Duck Head brand has its beginnings in the Civil War era when it was a working mans khaki pant line. Two brothers and Civil War veterans George and Joe O'Bryan started Duck Head in 1865. The clothing company operated out of Nashville, Tennessee. Eventually, Duck Head khaki pants became a 1980's staple for fraternity men that were worn with Top-siders shoes and a Polo shirt at Universities such as Ole Miss. The frat guys loved the Duck so much they simply could not get enough. 

Today, Duck Head is back again with Bill Thomas on board as the Brand Director. If you are familiar with Bill, then you know that he is the man who invented Bill's Khakis. Now, with Bill directing the mission of the Duck Head brand, his goal is to revive the brand's following with the yellow tag and quality that Duck Head was in its beginnings. Bill payed us a visit a few weeks ago, and brought the clothes that they are making with him so that we could see for ourselves. Let's just say that we were very impressed. The khakis are back with yellow tags, and the fit and construction are spot on. Plus, Bill brought hats, Duck Head brand collegiate style pennants, Sport Shirts, belts, and more goods that they are now making. Bill is the type of guy who has an easy time talking and joking with anybody, and his super cool personality on topics such as beer, the stock market, football, and southern culture is why we asked him to return to hang out again. To our surprise the Duck Head Brand Director returned in person again, this time it was to show our customers Duck Head brand goods and socialize in the store. At this point, our minds are made up. We are convinced that with Bill on board at Duck Head, we will certainly experience a Duck Head revival. In fact, we are already realizing popular demand for the iconic khakis with customers buying the pants today. The Duck is back, and "Duck Bill" is behind the wheel. Come see the brand in person at LOEB'S, and try on some Duck Head khakis. We know that you will love wearing them.


On Running Shoes: The Great Age of Shoe Innovation

On Running shoes are hot on the scene. We are clearly living the the great age of running shoe innovation. Running shoes are becoming extremely advanced when it comes to technology. The best mid-sole technology has become what drives the major shoe manufacturers in the R&D. On is made in Switzerland by a group of Swiss engineers. On was founded in Zurich in the year 2010. On has revolutionized the running shoe by making the soles feel so bouncy and comfortable that even the likes of Nike and Adidas are surely jealous. The On Running shoes give a springy feel like no other shoe we have every worn.

Only one goal was set by its founders. The goal was to revolutionize the sensation of running. They say it is all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. They call it simply, running on clouds. In Zurich Switzerland, On set out in 2010 to change the world of running. It has only taken eight years and On has been embraced into the hearts, and onto the feet of more than 3 million people. On running shoes go by names such as the Cloudracer, the Cloudster, the Cloud, the Cloudsurfer, the Cloudcruiser, and many more names that emphasize the feeling of running on clouds. That's because it really does feel like running on clouds when you wear On shoes. All in all, the journey continues to grow and so does the On team. Visit us in Meridian and try on a pair of On shoes, or browse and shop our online selection on our web shop. We know you will love On. 


Your new best friend: A Fjällräven Backpack

Your new best friend will be a Fjällräven Backpack if you give it a chance. Fjällräven is a very popular brand in Sweden and has been for a while. The company Fjällräven was founded by Ake Nordin in the 1960s. The way that Nordin started was when he figured out that adding a frame to a backpack would help spread the weight and keep his back from hurting when carrying heavy things. When Fjällräven created the Kanken backpack for kids, the feature that spreads the weight on the back was great for carrying school books. Plus, the colorful styles and waterproofing on the backpacks make them great for school. Today, ladies are loving these small backpacks too. They are simply cute.

Today, we are seeing ladies carrying Fjallraven backpacks in what basically seems like a cult following. They are no longer geeky, or just cute, they are literally a cult fashion staple. That all being said, Fjallraven bags are definitely not all for women and kids. They are uniquely and truly unisex. Men are wearing Fjallraven backpacks just as much. The Kanken gives an urban look when men wear it. It almost looks as if its a military bag. Ultimately, we really think you need to see these backpacks in person, so we invite you to visit us and see these bags in person, but if you can't back the trip, check them out on our web store. This bag will be your new best friend. 

Experience, Experience, Chacos!

We firmly believe that if you have never tried on a pair of Chaco sandals, then you really need to give them a try. Chaco sandals are not only functional, they are good looking in a way that's classy yet hip. Chacos catch the eye, they are a sport sandal, but they are also a lounge sandal. Chacos are everything and they are for everybody. Chacos are available in many colors, from bold colors, to muted colors. Most men usually spring for the standard colors, such as black, or brown. Women seem to live for the pastel and bright color patterns that Chaco is well known for across the globe. 

Kids love them all it seems. When it comes to a pair of warm weather sandals, we advocate for Chacos. Straight out of the box, Chacos even smell cool. They will require some breaking in, but it won't take long and your feet will sing in Chacos. Wear these sandals hiking, walking, exploring the beach, kayaking in the lake, or even swimming. Chacos are sandals that go anywhere. Chaco are quick drying and they last for many years. Comfort is very noticable. All of that being explained now, we have Chacos here for your loving. Try on Chacos for yourself. You will love Chacos after the first try, or if you already are in the know when it comes to Chaco comfort, then we invite you to browse the new colors and styles. You will be happy that you did. Chacos are awesome.