On Running Shoes: The Great Age of Shoe Innovation

On Running shoes are hot on the scene. We are clearly living the the great age of running shoe innovation. Running shoes are becoming extremely advanced when it comes to technology. The best mid-sole technology has become what drives the major shoe manufacturers in the R&D. On is made in Switzerland by a group of Swiss engineers. On was founded in Zurich in the year 2010. On has revolutionized the running shoe by making the soles feel so bouncy and comfortable that even the likes of Nike and Adidas are surely jealous. The On Running shoes give a springy feel like no other shoe we have every worn.

Only one goal was set by its founders. The goal was to revolutionize the sensation of running. They say it is all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. They call it simply, running on clouds. In Zurich Switzerland, On set out in 2010 to change the world of running. It has only taken eight years and On has been embraced into the hearts, and onto the feet of more than 3 million people. On running shoes go by names such as the Cloudracer, the Cloudster, the Cloud, the Cloudsurfer, the Cloudcruiser, and many more names that emphasize the feeling of running on clouds. That's because it really does feel like running on clouds when you wear On shoes. All in all, the journey continues to grow and so does the On team. Visit us in Meridian and try on a pair of On shoes, or browse and shop our online selection on our web shop. We know you will love On.