Your new best friend: A Fjällräven Backpack

Your new best friend will be a Fjällräven Backpack if you give it a chance. Fjällräven is a very popular brand in Sweden and has been for a while. The company Fjällräven was founded by Ake Nordin in the 1960s. The way that Nordin started was when he figured out that adding a frame to a backpack would help spread the weight and keep his back from hurting when carrying heavy things. When Fjällräven created the Kanken backpack for kids, the feature that spreads the weight on the back was great for carrying school books. Plus, the colorful styles and waterproofing on the backpacks make them great for school. Today, ladies are loving these small backpacks too. They are simply cute.

Today, we are seeing ladies carrying Fjallraven backpacks in what basically seems like a cult following. They are no longer geeky, or just cute, they are literally a cult fashion staple. That all being said, Fjallraven bags are definitely not all for women and kids. They are uniquely and truly unisex. Men are wearing Fjallraven backpacks just as much. The Kanken gives an urban look when men wear it. It almost looks as if its a military bag. Ultimately, we really think you need to see these backpacks in person, so we invite you to visit us and see these bags in person, but if you can't back the trip, check them out on our web store. This bag will be your new best friend.