Duck Head: The Return of Steadfast Quality Pants

The return of the Duck Head Brand has arrived. The Duck Head brand has its beginnings in the Civil War era when it was a working mans khaki pant line. Two brothers and Civil War veterans George and Joe O'Bryan started Duck Head in 1865. The clothing company operated out of Nashville, Tennessee. Eventually, Duck Head khaki pants became a 1980's staple for fraternity men that were worn with Top-siders shoes and a Polo shirt at Universities such as Ole Miss. The frat guys loved the Duck so much they simply could not get enough. 

Today, Duck Head is back again with Bill Thomas on board as the Brand Director. If you are familiar with Bill, then you know that he is the man who invented Bill's Khakis. Now, with Bill directing the mission of the Duck Head brand, his goal is to revive the brand's following with the yellow tag and quality that Duck Head was in its beginnings. Bill payed us a visit a few weeks ago, and brought the clothes that they are making with him so that we could see for ourselves. Let's just say that we were very impressed. The khakis are back with yellow tags, and the fit and construction are spot on. Plus, Bill brought hats, Duck Head brand collegiate style pennants, Sport Shirts, belts, and more goods that they are now making. Bill is the type of guy who has an easy time talking and joking with anybody, and his super cool personality on topics such as beer, the stock market, football, and southern culture is why we asked him to return to hang out again. To our surprise the Duck Head Brand Director returned in person again, this time it was to show our customers Duck Head brand goods and socialize in the store. At this point, our minds are made up. We are convinced that with Bill on board at Duck Head, we will certainly experience a Duck Head revival. In fact, we are already realizing popular demand for the iconic khakis with customers buying the pants today. The Duck is back, and "Duck Bill" is behind the wheel. Come see the brand in person at LOEB'S, and try on some Duck Head khakis. We know that you will love wearing them.