The Perfect Custom Dress Shirt Is Here: We have partnered with STANTT

The most comfortable dress shirt that you will ever wear is finally here. That’s the claim to fame that STANTT has made and its true. The extremely comfortable custom shirts that STANTT makes in their factory just for your body type can back up the claim very easily. The shirts are so comfortable, they will remain a mainstay in your closet for years to come. The sheer comfort that the STANTT shirts deliver is entirely unparalleled. That’s why we say, if you have been looking and waiting for the perfect dress shirt that has both the style and the comfort you desire, then the time is now to celebrate. That’s because that’s exactly what STNATT has delivered with the custom dress shirts that are made precisely for your body.

The fact that these dress shirts by STANTT deliver the comfort and the performance that you will not find with any other dress shirt is why it really is easy to get excited about this. These shirts combine elegance and the sophisticated look that every guy wants in a dress shirt. STANTT has revolutionized the way shirts are made by conducting an analysis of body types. Millions of data points from body scans of actual people were combined with 3D modeling and thousands of live fittings. The final result the research is 99 sizes of shirts with one size out of ninety nine that will fit you perfectly. After you are sized, you then select your fabric, collar, buttons, etc. After the fitting session is over, your custom shirt is ordered from the STANTT shirt factory. Each shirt is made one at a time by hand in the factory to guarantee the impeccable quality and the crisp refined look. Your premium dress shirt will arrive in usually two days. That’s faster than the rest of the custom shirt industry by a long shot. We love these shirts, and we’d love to show you in person how the STANTT shirt system works at LOEB’S. Come experience what men are talking about, and why we partnered with STANTT to bring you this amazing custom shirt technology. The perfect fit is here.