Our Next-door neighbor Rocks

Our home store on Front Street in downtown Meridian is located in the state of Mississippi. The state of Mississippi is world famous for its title as The Birthplace of American Music. Downtown Meridian is no exception to the title. Meridian is where Jimmie Rodgers is from, Wilco guitarist Patrick Sansone, and rap artist Big K.R.I.T. too..just to name a few. Since Meridian, Mississippi has so much music history and present day music vibes, our new next-door neighbor Dan Confait chose to locate his new guitar studio in downtown Meridian. DC Guitar Studio was established by Dan Confait to provide students an educational foundation on playing and performing music through the enjoyment of the guitar. Dan's studio next-door to LOEB'S is a full line guitar shop that offer guitars, and musical instruments, and music accessories which includes guitars, banjos, mandolins, keyboards, guitar amplifiers, strings, tuners, straps, capos, music books and more.

DC Guitar Studio is home to over 150 students with instructors teaching guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocal lessons. Throughout the summer, they host numerous camps for students including “Rock Band Camp” where students learn to perform with each other on various instruments. Along with the music lessons, business owner, Dan Confait urges students to step to the next level and perform the skills they have been taught. DC Guitar Studio hosts regular student concerts throughout the year and even has students and student bands perform at various local events. As the business continues to grow, Dan plans to help cultivate and support local music and arts in Mississippi and beyond. Here at LOEB'S we love music, and we love Mississippi. That's why we can't get over our excitement about DC Guitar Studio being our next-door neighbor. Plus, our team at LOEB'S holds a few musicians. So we'll go ahead and toot our own horns real quick. We have a drummer, a saxophone player, a 5-string banjo player, guitar players, and a pianist working at LOEB'S. Therefore, we welcome Dan and his team next-door with our whole hearts and with an abundance of excitement! We encourage you to visit us in downtown Meridian and check out Dan's new studio. Keep on rock'n and roll'n!